BB-88: An 8088 Experiment

I've always wanted to build a computer!

-- Me.

My BB-88

Links to the articles

Part 01: Introduction
Part 02: It runs!
Part 03: I restart from scratch without writing anything about it and then it's finished!
Part 04: Stability issues

Hardware Specs

The complete set of schematics is available.



It is always difficult to express actual performance. Probably the best I can do is to show the results of th MIPS CPU Benchmark and Performance Test and Landmark Speed Test. Note that the Landmark benchmark wants to compare it to a 286 CPU, which makes for strange results and clock speed estimation.

MIPS results Landmark Results


I managed to complete all but two challenges on BB-88 during the Advent Of Code 2020. The two that I couldn't complete simply required too much memory to run. Even with temporary files used as some kind of swap, it would have taken years.

I also got a working SLIP connection to my laptop, immediately fired up an IRC client and connected to That was totaly useless but still a fantastic moment!


All the videos are on my youtube channel, where you can find a BB-88 playlist.


There are several web pages that helped me understand how to start, and that are wonderful sources of information. In no particular order: